My name is Asher and I’m  22 years old living in the USA. I identify as a feminine trans man (he/him) and I am using this blog is for venting my feelings and experiences as I attempt to transition and get through post-college limbo. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and am planning to attend grad school in Toronto for clinical psych. My dream is to lead a fulfilling life and help people using psychology, whether it’s with people with mental illnesses, neurotypical people, or even the LGBT+ community. As far as transitioning goes, the first step I took was changing my full name in 2016. I know this is an unusual first step, but it felt very liberating. Eventually I would like to become a citizen of Canada and live with my very supportive partner, Connie (they/them), and have a small apartment with lots of plants. Currently I am living with my parents, who are (for the most part) supportive of my transitioning.

My primary hobby is art, I love to draw. I primarily do digital fan art and draw commissions in my spare time. My partner and I are both anime nerds, so that sums up the majority of my artwork. One day I hope to have a web series or publish a comic, a dream I’ve always had.

Please note I will be talking mostly about my transitioning and documenting what I go through emotionally, it may be hard to read in some cases. I am also undergoing cognitive therapy and some posts might be about what I am feeling. I have (diagnosed) BPD and ADHD and dissociate heavily, but I don’t let it stop me from pursuing my goals, despite it dragging me down quite often. I will write potential triggers at the top of each post.

Please enjoy your stay and feel free to ask me any questions about me or my transitioning, I’m very open and patient! 🙂